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3 Woman's books for cold winter evenings

2 woman's books for cold winter evenings.

Long, cold evenings, hot tea, warm blanket and few books that I find worth reading.  Doesn't it sound like a perfect plan? Of course it DOES! 
That is why I decided to present 2 books that are worth reaching for, whenever you'll need a break from everyday troubles.

Woman's books are obviously love books. They are great help in a moments in my life when I feel down, depressed or simply can't understand what is going on. It is not even to help me sort it out but to give my mind and heart a break. A break I believe we all need and should take whenever we feel like it. 

Are you working mum, tired of everyday responsibilities? Or maybe you are facing a harsh break up? Or simply you are having a hard time with whatever reason.. You all deserve a break. A quiet place where you can relax and enjoy a good book to help you drag your mind away from all of it you're dealing with at the moment. 

The books that I have chosen to help make your evenings a little bit better are full of love and desire. Wonderful story plots. Certain a good quick read :)

November 9 - Colleen Hoover

Fallon and Ben met on 9th of November. This date is very important for both of them from a different reasons.
They start to write their own story and decide to meet once a year on the same day... Imagine waiting the whole year just to meet your loved one for couple of hours? Seems sad... It kind of is but there is more to it :) all of the mystery you'll discover reading this novel! 

Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover

We have here a very typical characters. Tessa - a nice, quiet girl and Hardin - rude, handsome guy that is not looking for commitment.  Will such a mix not end with a catastrophe?  I couldn't stop reading this book. I was so thrilled. I was even cooking with it in my hand. I got dragged into characters'story, their fights and their desires. This was one of my favorite romances. Hope you will share their journey :) Enjoy. 

I hope that those books will warm your heart during this winter time. 
If you have a book that you would recommend to me, please comment below or on my facebook page! Thank you for reading.