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See Me - Nicholas Sparks

See Me - Nicholas Sparks book review

All I needed was a few pages of this book to feel Spark's magic again. The style I have discovered in his previous books ("The Choice", "Notebook", "The Last Song" and many more) his way of writing dialogues, creating beautiful story plot and I can't forget about unique characters that you cannot to dislike; all of the things above were there. Simply Nicholas Sparks once again proves he is the best in presenting love. "See Me" is an another masterpiece that I decided to present to you with hope you will all go on this adventure with me by reading this novel.

Maria and Colin - are two different people in terms of personality. Maria is young lawyer that has recently came back to her hometown and tries to settle down. Chased by her past she becomes again a victim of stalking. Then she meets Colin, who despise his own unlucky past turns out to be a great guardian. 

It is another wonderful love story with a little bit of crime thread (which is a define plus in my opinion). The novel disproves the stereotypes of human immutability. Shows us how important the support is in each person's life and of course the dedication in the name of love. (how could I miss it?) 
The characters face the demons of their past which appear through a specific model of stalking behaviour. Reading the book we get to become familiar with paranoid terminology (for those interested in a subject) :)

I believe the book is perfect for lazy winter afternoons for distressing and detachment from reality. It's interesting and quick to read :) 
I highly recommend! 

Thanks for reading!