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Graham Masterton - „Bonnie Winter” / "Trauma" book review

The book “Bonnie Winter” also known as “Trauma” I borrowed from my old friend who loved dark, psychological novels. At first I thought that this is not the right book for me as horror genre was never my favourite. Until, yes until I read first few pages of “Bonnie Winter”. I was completely amazed by the way Graham writes stories.
It was entertaining, full of dramatic tension and very realistic dialogues. I simply loved it.  This is one of the best and certainly the most ambitious novels in his literary career, so different from the bloody horrors that Masterton has become accustomed to.

Bonnie Winter is a middle age woman who admirably supports her unemployed husband and teenage son - by having two jobs.  One of those jobs is rather unusual; she runs a company that cleans the crime scenes. The stench of rotting blood, the pieces of the brain scattered on the walls, the pervasive flies and the vermin boiling under the floor, the horror of the place - it was the everyday bread, the daily life that has stopped making an impression on her.
One day something strange, characteristic caterpillar in subsequent crime scenes catches Bonnie’s attention. A caterpillar she has never seen before. Her friend who is the entomologist states that this caterpillars grows into Clouded Apollos—large butterflies with white, black-veined wings and that it occurs only in certain regions of Mexico, which has a very bad reputation in folklore. Bonnie combines the presence of this insect with violent and extremely tragic murders, but the police do not take her suspicions seriously. Then the woman decides to solve this puzzle herself.

Bonnie Winter” turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read as it is closer to the psychological thriller than to the bloody, less sophisticated horror that Graham Masterton used to write. This time, Masterton is surprises us by flair, finesse and ambiguity. He suggests a possible solutions, leaving readers in the sphere of a disturbing guesses. I find it as a great advantage that will be appreciated by every horror lover.
I liked the psychological game that author plays with his readers. The game has been enriched by his favourite supernatural motives – those motives do not dominate the storyline, they do play more of marginal role- they add spice and thrill.

I am delighted with Graham Masterton in such an edition and with a clear conscience I recommend "Bonnie Winter" not only to his fans but also to those readers who are looking for terror in the purest way.