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Stephen King - "Cujo" book review

Cujo” is my fourth meeting with famous Stephen King.
The author known by publishing excellent
pieces of horror-tinged prose for 43 years and is still going.
At the beginning of middle school I read “Carrie” and “Joyland” that made me interested in his work.

As his fans know not all of the books he wrote are successful although “Cujo” is one of those we end up loving deeply. Personally I was delighted with this novel.

I chose to read “Cujo” only because it was small in size and volume. At the time I was looking for something good and quick to read. I could not stop myself from choosing one of Stephen King’s books so ended up having “Cujo” in my hands.

King’s style and language is no strange to me. I do not remember if his previous books had a similar amount of vulgarity but in “Cujo” I was not surprised by this fact.
A few years ago I would have been disgusted with certain phrases, but nowadays in literature they don’t impress me - positive or negative if they are applied with appropriate subtlety I am fine with them.
In this book a similar language seems to me to be just ... appropriate. I am not an expert in King's art, "Cujo" is only his fourth book, which I have had a contact with, but I suppose that his way of writing is what makes him unique. Phrases he used in “Cujo” adds to its character.

The story itself is addictive from the very beginning. More interesting and delightful is that it talks about something that is so easily imaginable – outbreak of the dog with rabies that is deadly dangerous to anyone who is close to it.
Certainly most people know what rabies is and how it works, but Stephen King often informs the reader about its symptoms. It is sad when it comes to the idea that a vaccine is enough to prevent the tragedy that caused Cujo, and how irresponsible some animal owners are, failing to take care of their pet’s health.

If people asked me: "Did this book scare you?" the answer is – YES. It seems to me that Stephen King is not the author whose novels are meant to frighten the reader, but in my case it worked this way because I am the person who would probably be scared of my own shadow.

What I liked about this book is that is does not only present Cujo’s work but also the lives of ordinary people of Castle Rock. The novel has many heroes and I don’t know why I am very surprised but I quickly liked them all. One less, the other more however I memorised every character. The things some of them made were no less scary than what Cujo did. It made me think that people are closer to animals than they realise.

I strongly encourage you to read this book, not only for those interested in Stephen King's prose, but also for people who are eager to read something other than the genre they like the most.
I think that I made a sensational choice reaching for this novel because I spent with her unforgettable moments. "Cujo" is certainly not the end of my adventure with this author, after reading this novel I feel even more encouraged to get to know his other books.