Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Life after Life book review

I must admit I felt a little bit lost at the beginning of this novel. All of the situations that happened were confusing as the author isn't telling the story in chronological order. Although the book catched my interest very fast and I fell for Kate's magic. 

We all wondered if we live once or several times. Some of us have a strong believe in reincarnation. Would we change anything that happened in our past life that may have an impact in our present one? 
Those are the questions mentioned in this book. The author shows different versions of main character's life from birth to death (several deaths to be exact).
The action is incredibly addictive maybe because readers need to solve the puzzle using clues that the author throws now and then. 

Any version of Ursula's life and death is very interesting as it has an impact on other characters depends of how she lives or vice versa. 

I loved the idea that a moment, a case, a simple coincidence often decides about a person's life. Some times it's enough to change someone's entire future.
The author shows all of this above in a very unique way that I personally loved.

What else did I liked about this book? 
Certainly a lot of references from English literature (Jane Austen, William Shakespeare) or biblical and philosophical contexts.

All of the above creates a great read regardless chaotic beginning. The ending is intrigue which I obviously won't reveal not to spoil it for any of you. 
All the questions asked by the readers remain unanswered which I like as it gave me a lot to think of after the book ends. 

I highly recommend this novel to all of you guys :) 

Thank you for reading my book review.