The Time traveller's Wife - by Audrey Niffenegger, book review

I have seen The Time Traveler's Wife film a few years ago and I simply loved it. But as every reader I knew that a screen version is nothing compared to the book. 

Definitely an original story line. Although the subject of time traveling was often taken by the writers, yet Audrey Niffengger presented it completely different, more feminine I'd say.

The book presents a story of Clare and Henry and their struggle with Henry's unusual and strange affair, he can travel in time. Unfortunately it is not pleasant for him and he cannot control it.. Also there are times where it can became very dangerous. 

It is beautiful love story, sad and touching at the same time. It all began when Clare was still a child. 
Their love is very difficult as it is scattered in time, marked by eternal longing and expectation for Henry's return. It is a love that tries overcome everything, even time barrier.

Although there is a lot of things I did not like about the book. The idea itself was very good. I admire the author for her precision and imagination. I liked the fact that she was able to combine all the events in her book logically. She made sure it doesn't get complicated for the readers to recognize events that took place in the past, presence or future.
Still it is hard for me to admit I liked screen version more than a book. Still it was a quick read and I enjoyed it. A little bit less than I thought I would. 

I still recommend this novel to all of those who seek some heartwarming stories for cold winter evenings.