Sharp Objects - by Gillian Flynn, book review

"Sharp Objects" is Gillian Flynn's debut novel (author of "Gone Girl" and "Dark Places"). This book is an outstanding crime, frightening family saga. It takes its readers up to their limits of endurance. I haven't met such an unequal story plot, real roller coaster.

Everything starts with the standards: we have a mysterious murders in a small town. Typical story with a perfect receipt for a crime, you must think... However the main crime plot goes down a bit over time and we get to read more about main character's family problems. It isn't a bad idea although I was more curious about solving the mystery :) 

The puzzle is not too complicated but I must admit that before the very end, Gillian neatly throws logs under our feet to confuse the clue. As I mentioned above the author tried to attract us to the main character who has more problems than she needs, she is an alcoholic with lots of unresolved childhood issues. Camille's fight with herself was pushed to the fore. 

What I liked the most was the ending. It's surprising, fits well in the whole story, explains everything and most importantly creates the bond between the reader and main character.

Despite the horror, dark atmosphere and careful psychological portraits - I did not feet too frightened. Maybe because I am used to Stephen King's horrors that are in deed scary. 

So have "Sharp Objects" met my expectations? The answer is; yes but without "wow" effect. 
I do recommend this book. It is really a great debut. It's perfect for people that like crime-psychological thrillers that focus on complex family relationships. 

Hope you'll enjoy it! 

"Ah, well, being conflicted means you can live a shallow life without copping to be a shallow person." - Gillian Flynn