The Chosen Child – Graham Masterton, book review

I must admit I am in a all in a mood for bloody horrors lately and surprisingly I do not find it weird :) After I was one with few books written by Stephen King (such as "Cujo", "Carrie" and "It") .
I decided to change the author and reached for another book from Graham Masterton.
I already wrote one review of Graham's books; "Trauma" left me with great respect towards this author even though in his performance there are more and less successful books, but in my opinion The Chosen Child (alongside "Trauma") belongs to the first group especially for the multitude of interesting characters and their colourful scratches and an extraordinary story of the murderer from the canals.

The action of the novel takes place in Warsaw, Poland. It is a series of unexplained and brutal murders. An unknown offender deprives his victims of body parts that are found throughout the city. One part was discovered at the construction site of the modern Sanacki Hotel.The owner of the place is not very happy about the situation happening as he is afraid of investment delays. The Police is unable to capture the offender so the investor; Sarah Leonard manage to get a retired Chicago cop - Clayton Marsha to come and work together with Polish officer Stefan Rey. They lead the investigation, which slowly brings them to the traces of the killer. As it turns out, he lives in the canals of Warsaw and seems to be more than a man...

Personally I decided not to be very bothered by authenticity or not quite accurate presentation of Poland as what's important is the main plot of The Chosen Child and that is what Graham told us in a best way.
I focus here on the most important element that is the character of the killer himself traversing the canals of the capital city of Poland. 
Masterton in his mind probably has an infinite number of stories in which the mythical monsters and unspecified creatures of legends are dominating. In the case of The Chosen Child the figure invented by the author and the story attributed to him is merged into a neat whole, which falls within the framework of good horror.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a good horrors. It is certainly Masterton at his best. Enjoy :)