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Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden book review

Searching through my memory was not an easy task but I had to choose a good book that I liked and would be fun for me to write a review about. After "Pocahontas" I was into the mood for another love story with historical facts and then reached for "Memoirs of Geisha" by Arthur Golden. I was thrilled by this novel. Loved every moment of it and decided to share my feelings with you.

”Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on paper. “

I met Chiyo and have seen her story in a movie couple of years ago. As I mentioned above I simply loved the story but as every reader know; books are way better than movies. And also this time it has not disappointed me.
Memoirs of a Geisha is the author's debut. He is fascinated with Japanese culture as well as the history of Japanese identity art. He had spent a lot of time in Tokyo collecting all the materials needed to write a novel based on such a sad facts.

We meet Chiyo as a little girl living in a poor fishing village with her sister and parents. She is described as a beautiful girl with amazing blue eyes.
Her story starts when her mother dies of an incurable disease, her father, at the suggestion of the peculiar Mr. Tanaka, sells her and her sister to the entertainment district of Kyoto.
Initially, Chiyo thinks that Mr. Tanaka wants to adopt them, but when she is separated from her sister who goes to the public house, she understands that her life has changed completely. Chiyo is sold to a geisha house where she is supposed to learn how to become one of them. Although the girl is nine years old, she has a very recalcitrant character and wants to get away from where she is. Unfortunately, the attempts are a failure for her. In time, she learns the rules of the geisha house. She wins friends and gets fierce enemies and one of them is Hatsumomo, a beautiful geisha with a very bad character. Hatsumomo notices the beauty of Chiyo and tries to destroy her at all costs. Chiyo's fate changes when she meets The Chairman...

"He was like a song I'd heard once fragments but had been singing it in my mind ever since"

The story is full of humor and historical knowledge of Japanese culture. Although I do agree with others that a native Japanese would more likely presented the story better however "Memoirs of a Geisha" belongs to one of my favorite books.
I liked the language used by author. It's colorful, clear and surly written for female readers; it touches our sensitive and hungry for love hearts.

"Can't you see? Every step I have taken, since I was that child on the bridge, has been to bring myself closer to you." 

I do recommend this book to every soul out there hungry for deep, beautiful and sad at he same time love stories. Arthur Golden had not disappointed me at all. I was enjoying every moment of it, crying my eyes out and praying for happy ending.