• Life after Life book review I must admit I felt a little bit lost at the beginning of this novel. All of the situations that happened were confusing as the author isn't telling the story in chronological order. Although the book catched my interest very fast and I fell for Kate's magic.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird book review I was thinking for a long while if I should review this book as it brings up a very difficult subjects. As you are here, reading it I decided to do so and present this amazing book to you, the best I could. It's a novel written by Harper Lee, it has been...

Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Life after Life book review

I must admit I felt a little bit lost at the beginning of this novel. All of the situations that happened were confusing as the author isn't telling the story in chronological order. Although the book catched my interest very fast and I fell for Kate's magic. 

We all wondered if we live once or several times. Some of us have a strong believe in reincarnation. Would we change anything that happened in our past life that may have an impact in our present one? 
Those are the questions mentioned in this book. The author shows different versions of main character's life from birth to death (several deaths to be exact).
The action is incredibly addictive maybe because readers need to solve the puzzle using clues that the author throws now and then. 

Any version of Ursula's life and death is very interesting as it has an impact on other characters depends of how she lives or vice versa. 

I loved the idea that a moment, a case, a simple coincidence often decides about a person's life. Some times it's enough to change someone's entire future.
The author shows all of this above in a very unique way that I personally loved.

What else did I liked about this book? 
Certainly a lot of references from English literature (Jane Austen, William Shakespeare) or biblical and philosophical contexts.

All of the above creates a great read regardless chaotic beginning. The ending is intrigue which I obviously won't reveal not to spoil it for any of you. 
All the questions asked by the readers remain unanswered which I like as it gave me a lot to think of after the book ends. 

I highly recommend this novel to all of you guys :) 

Thank you for reading my book review.

See Me - Nicholas Sparks

See Me - Nicholas Sparks book review

All I needed was a few pages of this book to feel Spark's magic again. The style I have discovered in his previous books ("The Choice", "Notebook", "The Last Song" and many more) his way of writing dialogues, creating beautiful story plot and I can't forget about unique characters that you cannot to dislike; all of the things above were there. Simply Nicholas Sparks once again proves he is the best in presenting love. "See Me" is an another masterpiece that I decided to present to you with hope you will all go on this adventure with me by reading this novel.

Maria and Colin - are two different people in terms of personality. Maria is young lawyer that has recently came back to her hometown and tries to settle down. Chased by her past she becomes again a victim of stalking. Then she meets Colin, who despise his own unlucky past turns out to be a great guardian. 

It is another wonderful love story with a little bit of crime thread (which is a define plus in my opinion). The novel disproves the stereotypes of human immutability. Shows us how important the support is in each person's life and of course the dedication in the name of love. (how could I miss it?) 
The characters face the demons of their past which appear through a specific model of stalking behaviour. Reading the book we get to become familiar with paranoid terminology (for those interested in a subject) :)

I believe the book is perfect for lazy winter afternoons for distressing and detachment from reality. It's interesting and quick to read :) 
I highly recommend! 

Thanks for reading! 

Promise Me - Richard Paul Evans

Promise Me book review!

One word to describe this book? It's not enough...This time I need to use a lot of adjectives such as: AMAZING, SURPRISING, UNIQUE! 
Let's say I can only use one word then it would be: MIND BLOWING as the best word to express my opinion about this book.

Beth is an ordinary, married woman, raising 6 year old daughter. She works at the launderette where all the employees call themselves slaves. 
One day, like a bullet a news falls on her that her husband has been cheating on her. The plot is very similar to the one in many other books. At first I thought it is just another regular romance... but then Beth meets Matthew and everything changes. Will she ever be happy? This is something you need to discover all by yourself.

Richard Paul Evans is an american author known best by his novel "The Christmas Box" although he charmed me with his novel "A Perfect Day". He is well known for playing on readers emotions as this is the best way to catch our sensitive hearts :)

"Promise Me" has met all of my expectations and I am glad to be able to present it to you guys and I hope you will all enjoy his books not only by reading this novel but also by going through all of his work. 

Thank you for reading my review! 

"As you read my story, there is something I want you to understand. That in spite of all the pain—past, present and that still to come—I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Nor would I trade the time I had with him for anything—except for what, in the end, I traded it for." 

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Harper Lee- To kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird book review

I was thinking for a long while if I should review this book as it brings up a very difficult subjects. As you are here, reading it I decided to do so and present this amazing book to you, the best I could. 
It's a novel written by Harper Lee, it has been very popular and reviewed by many people before. It's definitely a "must read".

American small town community seen with the eyes of innocent child who is not afraid to speak the truth and ask uncomfortable questions. She will present you Maycomb in an uncompromising manner with all its advantages and dark sides.

There are several different threads in the book. The racist problem raised by the author was now and then a serious problem. 
Atticius defense of Tom Robinson, an African American man accused of raping a white girl Mayelli, was undoubtedly the most important thread in this book. 
It was very difficult to pass over the results of the trial conducted in the novel. Especially knowing the testimony of two parties involved. As for a reader it was initially hard to understand the Atticius's victory.. 

We are still powerless against injustice and intolerance. And racial prejudice? We are still seeing them around. Then the question is; What has changed? 

In my opinion the book has many advantages but it is not devoid of defects. The schematic presentation of the problem disturbed me a little. Still "How to Kill a Mockingbird" is obviously worth paying attention to. 

“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” 
 ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

The Choice - by Nicholas Sparks, book review

Nicholas Sparks "The Choice"

Travis and Gabby are neighbours in a small town. Thanks to the misunderstanding they get to know each other more. And in a series of further crazy adventures they get to fall in love. Although Gabby had plans to avoid Travis for the next 50 years, it did not work out the way she wanted... We need to remember that she had a boyfriend whom she planned to get married to. 
And here we stand in front of the first choice, however the next choice would be a matter of life and death... If only one could break a promise? 

We all know well Nicholas Sparks from his famous books or their screen adaptations ("Notebook", "A Walk to Remember", "Dear John", "The Last Song" and many more) 

"The Choice" is one of the most beautiful love stories I have read recently (there is no doubts Sparks is a master in his work). Love showed in this book is mature, filled with pain, fear, uncertainty and most importantly: hope. 

Personally I liked the book for its style and sense of humour. Apparently  trivial situations became very funny by the act or word. Despite simplicity the characters were very interesting and real to the readers. 

If there is anyone that thinks that there is no point reaching for this novel - is wrong. The book is not like all the other simple love stories for one quick read. 
It's about a fate and above all about important choices that we all have to make throughout our life. 

Perhaps my opinion is very superficial. I don't know. I decided not to go into details so The Choice is yours :)

Thank you for reading my reviews!! 

Sharp Objects - by Gillian Flynn, book review

"Sharp Objects" is Gillian Flynn's debut novel (author of "Gone Girl" and "Dark Places"). This book is an outstanding crime, frightening family saga. It takes its readers up to their limits of endurance. I haven't met such an unequal story plot, real roller coaster.

Everything starts with the standards: we have a mysterious murders in a small town. Typical story with a perfect receipt for a crime, you must think... However the main crime plot goes down a bit over time and we get to read more about main character's family problems. It isn't a bad idea although I was more curious about solving the mystery :) 

The puzzle is not too complicated but I must admit that before the very end, Gillian neatly throws logs under our feet to confuse the clue. As I mentioned above the author tried to attract us to the main character who has more problems than she needs, she is an alcoholic with lots of unresolved childhood issues. Camille's fight with herself was pushed to the fore. 

What I liked the most was the ending. It's surprising, fits well in the whole story, explains everything and most importantly creates the bond between the reader and main character.

Despite the horror, dark atmosphere and careful psychological portraits - I did not feet too frightened. Maybe because I am used to Stephen King's horrors that are in deed scary. 

So have "Sharp Objects" met my expectations? The answer is; yes but without "wow" effect. 
I do recommend this book. It is really a great debut. It's perfect for people that like crime-psychological thrillers that focus on complex family relationships. 

Hope you'll enjoy it! 

"Ah, well, being conflicted means you can live a shallow life without copping to be a shallow person." - Gillian Flynn

The Time traveller's Wife - by Audrey Niffenegger, book review

I have seen The Time Traveler's Wife film a few years ago and I simply loved it. But as every reader I knew that a screen version is nothing compared to the book. 

Definitely an original story line. Although the subject of time traveling was often taken by the writers, yet Audrey Niffengger presented it completely different, more feminine I'd say.

The book presents a story of Clare and Henry and their struggle with Henry's unusual and strange affair, he can travel in time. Unfortunately it is not pleasant for him and he cannot control it.. Also there are times where it can became very dangerous. 

It is beautiful love story, sad and touching at the same time. It all began when Clare was still a child. 
Their love is very difficult as it is scattered in time, marked by eternal longing and expectation for Henry's return. It is a love that tries overcome everything, even time barrier.

Although there is a lot of things I did not like about the book. The idea itself was very good. I admire the author for her precision and imagination. I liked the fact that she was able to combine all the events in her book logically. She made sure it doesn't get complicated for the readers to recognize events that took place in the past, presence or future.
Still it is hard for me to admit I liked screen version more than a book. Still it was a quick read and I enjoyed it. A little bit less than I thought I would. 

I still recommend this novel to all of those who seek some heartwarming stories for cold winter evenings.

Carrie – by Stephen King, book review

Carrie White wasn't a bad person. She wasn't ugly, stupid or weird. Yet the peers laughed at her. They made fun of the way she dressed, pimples, fanatical mother, retrogressive behaviour and lack of knowledge about sex and growing up.
Being bullied and not very popular at school is a drama of many teenagers and the topic is very deep. But Carrie wasn't just a regular teenager, she had a power. A power to end all the laughter... Power to stop people teasing her. Power to get a revenge for all the humiliations.

Stephen King approaches a telekinesis in an almost scientific way. Although science does not recognise the phenomenon of telekinesis as there is no reliable evidence of its presence, King tells his story as there was a telekinesis in our universe and Carrie's case was not by it means isolated.
The cited scientific texts explain telekinesis as a mental ability, genetically recorded, inherited in a similar way to haemophilia. In this aspect, Stephen King is truly capable of making the impression of authenticity.

"Carrie" was King's debut. Since then, his horror writing skills have grown to perfection. And as a debut, his first novel cannot be criticised. The idea and main plot are very interesting. The characters are real and the situations that take place in this book are amazing. Although the book is cruel and shocking but not as scary as it could be expected from King. A girl using her mind power to close the doors, throw people in the air or making the explosion from the distance does not became a monster to me. All the horrible things she is doing made me stunned but still I even cheered on her. To me Carrie is just a lost teenager.

Is "Carrie" a horror? I honestly don't know. To me it was more of a psychological novel with moments of horror. But I did enjoy it as I always do all the books written by Stephen King.

I do recommend this author and his novels to everyone on every chance I get. If you go through my book reviews you can find a few more of this author such as: "It" and "Cujo".

Hope you will like his books just as much as I do :)

The Chosen Child – Graham Masterton, book review

I must admit I am in a all in a mood for bloody horrors lately and surprisingly I do not find it weird :) After I was one with few books written by Stephen King (such as "Cujo", "Carrie" and "It") .
I decided to change the author and reached for another book from Graham Masterton.
I already wrote one review of Graham's books; "Trauma" left me with great respect towards this author even though in his performance there are more and less successful books, but in my opinion The Chosen Child (alongside "Trauma") belongs to the first group especially for the multitude of interesting characters and their colourful scratches and an extraordinary story of the murderer from the canals.

The action of the novel takes place in Warsaw, Poland. It is a series of unexplained and brutal murders. An unknown offender deprives his victims of body parts that are found throughout the city. One part was discovered at the construction site of the modern Sanacki Hotel.The owner of the place is not very happy about the situation happening as he is afraid of investment delays. The Police is unable to capture the offender so the investor; Sarah Leonard manage to get a retired Chicago cop - Clayton Marsha to come and work together with Polish officer Stefan Rey. They lead the investigation, which slowly brings them to the traces of the killer. As it turns out, he lives in the canals of Warsaw and seems to be more than a man...

Personally I decided not to be very bothered by authenticity or not quite accurate presentation of Poland as what's important is the main plot of The Chosen Child and that is what Graham told us in a best way.
I focus here on the most important element that is the character of the killer himself traversing the canals of the capital city of Poland. 
Masterton in his mind probably has an infinite number of stories in which the mythical monsters and unspecified creatures of legends are dominating. In the case of The Chosen Child the figure invented by the author and the story attributed to him is merged into a neat whole, which falls within the framework of good horror.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a good horrors. It is certainly Masterton at his best. Enjoy :) 

It – by Stephen King, book review

A week with over one thousand pages, seven sleepless nights and a new fear of clowns. This is what Stephen King brought on me with his great novel “It”.
I was shocked, scared and amazed at the same time. This book was definitely written in his peak form. One of the best of the bests.
Although the book is very famous and has its films counterparts I decided to write a review about it with a hope you guys will join me and became a huge Stephen King’s fans.

The author knows how to focus readers attention and capture their minds. He returns to his favourite small-town climates (the same small town we have read about in “Cujo”) The story is about the fight between good and evil that has been there for centuries.

In 1958, in fictional small town of Derry a series of cruel crimes take place. The brutally murdered children are found, both the police and parents are convinced it is a serial killer doing… they could not be more wrong.
Then seven friends; six boys and one girl are witnesses to strange events and are able to see children’s murderer in his most common mask - clown. The bunch of friends decided to face the beast and put an end to the circle of this brutal events.

The action is built gradually and unhurriedly with great descriptions. The characters are tailor-made - living figures, each with unique qualities, each memorable, each with its own history. All of this makes this novel a perfect read, intense narration doesn’t let the curiosity leave the readers even for a minute - and what I must admit is a big achievement as the book is not one of the shortest.
It is a novel about growing up, discovering the world, the power of friendship, the worst nightmares of childhood haunting over adulthood. It forces the readers to widen their imagination, look into their dusty nooks, and what's important - to discover if there is fear that is caused by IT.

Stephen King again (alongside "Carrie" and "Joyland") invites readers to travel through the uneasy childhood and recesses of the mind of growing up.

As I mentioned above I was thrilled by this book. And with a clean conscious I recommend this book to every reader out there.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden book review

Searching through my memory was not an easy task but I had to choose a good book that I liked and would be fun for me to write a review about. After "Pocahontas" I was into the mood for another love story with historical facts and then reached for "Memoirs of Geisha" by Arthur Golden. I was thrilled by this novel. Loved every moment of it and decided to share my feelings with you.

”Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on paper. “

I met Chiyo and have seen her story in a movie couple of years ago. As I mentioned above I simply loved the story but as every reader know; books are way better than movies. And also this time it has not disappointed me.
Memoirs of a Geisha is the author's debut. He is fascinated with Japanese culture as well as the history of Japanese identity art. He had spent a lot of time in Tokyo collecting all the materials needed to write a novel based on such a sad facts.

We meet Chiyo as a little girl living in a poor fishing village with her sister and parents. She is described as a beautiful girl with amazing blue eyes.
Her story starts when her mother dies of an incurable disease, her father, at the suggestion of the peculiar Mr. Tanaka, sells her and her sister to the entertainment district of Kyoto.
Initially, Chiyo thinks that Mr. Tanaka wants to adopt them, but when she is separated from her sister who goes to the public house, she understands that her life has changed completely. Chiyo is sold to a geisha house where she is supposed to learn how to become one of them. Although the girl is nine years old, she has a very recalcitrant character and wants to get away from where she is. Unfortunately, the attempts are a failure for her. In time, she learns the rules of the geisha house. She wins friends and gets fierce enemies and one of them is Hatsumomo, a beautiful geisha with a very bad character. Hatsumomo notices the beauty of Chiyo and tries to destroy her at all costs. Chiyo's fate changes when she meets The Chairman...

"He was like a song I'd heard once fragments but had been singing it in my mind ever since"

The story is full of humor and historical knowledge of Japanese culture. Although I do agree with others that a native Japanese would more likely presented the story better however "Memoirs of a Geisha" belongs to one of my favorite books.
I liked the language used by author. It's colorful, clear and surly written for female readers; it touches our sensitive and hungry for love hearts.

"Can't you see? Every step I have taken, since I was that child on the bridge, has been to bring myself closer to you." 

I do recommend this book to every soul out there hungry for deep, beautiful and sad at he same time love stories. Arthur Golden had not disappointed me at all. I was enjoying every moment of it, crying my eyes out and praying for happy ending.

Susan Donnell - „Pocahontas” book review

After reading few horrors (including “Bonnie Winter” I reviewed last time) I was looking for a book in my favourite genre. Then I found a book „Pocahontas” on my grandma’s shelf. Obviously as most of the people that have seen this novel’s title or read a book reviews my first thought was that „Pocahontas” is just a written version of famous Disney story we all watched years ago. Although it is not a huge difference, a book was definitely written for adults. It is not a childhood story we all remember even though story plot is very similar.
The story of this Indian princess has inspired many authors over the years but Susan Donnell were the first author that had described legend of Pocahontas in a beautiful way, way full of love and sacrifice.

We meet Pocahontas when she was 13 years old. She was described as a very mature for her age. Reading the story we get to witness her path into adulthood.
She meets an English traveller John Smith. A man she falls deep in love with.
Susan writes in an interesting, colourful way the love affair of the main character and John. In some moments the story is touching, in others scary and tense. In my opinion it deserves its’ good rating. The deeper we get into this book the story becomes swifter and encourages us to further reading.
There was a presence of romance, as well as historical facts, which were quoted in a really light and friendly way.
The end is not a huge surprise (to those who watched Disney’s version) - Pocahontas resigns from the love of her life to stay with her husband (that she meets later on) and their son Thomas. How great her sacrifice is? How hard it was for main character to make such a decision and how sad the ending was for us readers… you will know once you decide to reach for this book.

Basically this book is a journey through Pocahontas life, from the moment she is 13 living among her people somewhere in today’s Virginia until her death in England.

Pocahontas” reads like a good adventure book. There are some bloody Indian rituals, forbidden romance, discovering the New World, making new friendships and starting new wars.

As I have been through many book reviews I found Pocahontas to be one of the best books I have ever reached for. After all, romances are my favourite genre and I always reach for the books recommended by other book lovers.I do trust their judgment so don’t hesitate and discover Pocahontas story all by yourself! I guarantee you will not regret it. Enjoy!

Graham Masterton - „Bonnie Winter” / "Trauma" book review

The book “Bonnie Winter” also known as “Trauma” I borrowed from my old friend who loved dark, psychological novels. At first I thought that this is not the right book for me as horror genre was never my favourite. Until, yes until I read first few pages of “Bonnie Winter”. I was completely amazed by the way Graham writes stories.
It was entertaining, full of dramatic tension and very realistic dialogues. I simply loved it.  This is one of the best and certainly the most ambitious novels in his literary career, so different from the bloody horrors that Masterton has become accustomed to.

Bonnie Winter is a middle age woman who admirably supports her unemployed husband and teenage son - by having two jobs.  One of those jobs is rather unusual; she runs a company that cleans the crime scenes. The stench of rotting blood, the pieces of the brain scattered on the walls, the pervasive flies and the vermin boiling under the floor, the horror of the place - it was the everyday bread, the daily life that has stopped making an impression on her.
One day something strange, characteristic caterpillar in subsequent crime scenes catches Bonnie’s attention. A caterpillar she has never seen before. Her friend who is the entomologist states that this caterpillars grows into Clouded Apollos—large butterflies with white, black-veined wings and that it occurs only in certain regions of Mexico, which has a very bad reputation in folklore. Bonnie combines the presence of this insect with violent and extremely tragic murders, but the police do not take her suspicions seriously. Then the woman decides to solve this puzzle herself.

Bonnie Winter” turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read as it is closer to the psychological thriller than to the bloody, less sophisticated horror that Graham Masterton used to write. This time, Masterton is surprises us by flair, finesse and ambiguity. He suggests a possible solutions, leaving readers in the sphere of a disturbing guesses. I find it as a great advantage that will be appreciated by every horror lover.
I liked the psychological game that author plays with his readers. The game has been enriched by his favourite supernatural motives – those motives do not dominate the storyline, they do play more of marginal role- they add spice and thrill.

I am delighted with Graham Masterton in such an edition and with a clear conscience I recommend "Bonnie Winter" not only to his fans but also to those readers who are looking for terror in the purest way.


Dorothy Koomson - “The woman he loved before” book review

The first novel I read written by this author was “The Ice Cream Girls” a couple of years back. It was a very good read. I enjoyed it so I went back to the book that made Dorothy famous “My best friend’s girl” and that was the book that made me fall in love with her work. I find Dorothy Koomson as a very talented author at getting the heart of the novel and writing stories no one can copy. As I was thrilled by her work I reached for a book “The woman he loved before”. The book was released in 2011 and got a lot of positive reviews. I cannot argue with this as I have also enjoyed reading it. After all love stories are one of my favourites. Libby’s life seems perfect. She has a handsome husband, lives in a beautiful house and as it seems she has everything that is needed to be happy. Then she starts to think if she is truly loved by her husband. She suspects that Jack has not forgot his first, perfect wife Eve that suddenly died. I find it very hard to review this novel without spoiling it. The book starts with the prologue of Jack and Eve’s marriage. It is about their love and Eve’s life choices that I personally don’t agree with. Although it was needed so readers can understand Jack’s position and his relationship with his deceased first wife. As we read more we get to know more about Eve, Jack and finally about Libby’s marriage and her struggles. We get to see all of their life together and separately which gives us a perfect base to understand them. At first I thought Jack is being a bad character for not loving Libby the way he loved Eve, but after reading this novel I came understand that it is not Jack’s fault that he loved his first wife the way he did. And somehow in his own way I think he was in love with Libby too. Novel was written from all three characters’ perspective. Libby’s part was the longest, however Eve’s part of the book was truly amazing and gave a book its bone back. It felt like it all began and ended with Eve. Although her choices made me feel strange. I couldn’t associate with them and found it hard to understand even though I knew what she has been through. As all of us readers I felt sorry for Libby being a second best, someone who would never be where she is now if Eve was still alive. I was sad that she could never get Jack’s heart even though she loved him truly. And I don’t blame her for being so pushy and trying to know everything there was to know about her husband’s first wife. Who wouldn’t want to know? Once you live in someone else’s shadow you would want to know the reason even if it hurts and breaks your heart. Jack’s part of the book was short however it showed that he was not as bad a person as I thought he was when I heard of the book and went through some reviews. I found all the characters fascinating and the novel’s plot was a masterpiece. “The Woman He loved before” was an excellent book and I enjoyed every moment reading it. And what I was very surprised about was the ending. It was much unexpected which made this book even better. I was trying to find a things I didn’t like about this book and I couldn’t see a single reason not to like it. Dorothy is a master story teller and her books, all of them are definitely must-read!


Tillie Cole - „A thousand boy kisses” book review

I was wondering for a long while if the book “A thousand boy kisses” written by Tillie Cole is the one I should read. I wasn’t sure if a tear-jerky novel is the right one for me.
With each and every one of us readers I have learnt how huge of a tear eraser Tillie Cole is, how sad and touching her books are. And to be honest now in the mood for a rather joyful books with a lot of action.
   However I decided to give a chance to “A thousand boy kisses” and see or myself how amazing this novel is.
I have to admit – in some way I was able to discover it.
Rune at the age of five moved from Norway to a small town Blossom Grove in Georgia where he meets Poppy with whom he immediately becomes friends.
   Their relationship over the years is beginning to change until finally the love blossom between them. Love that strong so there is absolutely nothing that can stop it. At least that is how is seems until Rune is forced to move back to Norway and his contact with Poppy quickly breaks. The girl stops replying to his messages or answering any phone calls.
What is the reason?
Do Rune and Poppy have any chance of rebuilding their relationship?

The book will certainly move your heart.
I have to admit before I reached 70 pages I started to pour tears to the point where I had to take a break from reading because I had such a blurry vision that I wasn’t able to read a single sentence.
And that was just the beginning!!
It has been a while since I cried reading a book. It was a story that caused a bump in my throat and despairing nose for the next few days after putting it back on a shelf.
My heart fluttered from despair over this sad and yet hopeful love story.

“One kiss lasts a moment
But a thousand kisses can last a lifetime”

“Why does it take a life ending to learn how to cherish each day? Why must we wait until we run out of time to start accomplish all that we dreamt, when once we had all the time in the world?
Why don’t we look at the person we love the most like it’s the last time we will ever see them?
Because if we did, life would be so vibrant. Life would be so truly and completely lived.”

This book teach – whether we want it or not – a few very important things that we don’t even think about every day.
First of all it teaches forgiveness can heal once hurt or broken heart.
Tillie Cole beautifully talks about the frailty of human life. She teaches us to grasp the day, handful to reach high!

I must say that love described in the book at some point cached my breath. I have never seen a novel with similar love story with such strong emotions, love so great that the relationship between the characters was not doubtful. The feeling of how Rune and Poppy were treated by each other was truly delightful, though from the other side it seemed like being rendered and unreal.
The feeling between the characters is beautiful, is true, but what about it, since there is a little bit of authenticity?
The whole problem is about main characters, the way they talked, what they really said, their way of being, sometimes even small gestures. It was too sweet sometimes, which bothered me very much when I was reading this book I felt lack of authenticity and naturalness. Often, instead of shedding a tear or admiring the beauty of a scene, I scowled and with a disgust I turned over the page, and it effectively took away my pleasure of reading this novel.

In any case, the book itself gets many positive reviews. I hope that, despite the lack of authenticity, you will reach for it and try to discover it yourself.


Stephen King - "Cujo" book review

Cujo” is my fourth meeting with famous Stephen King.
The author known by publishing excellent
pieces of horror-tinged prose for 43 years and is still going.
At the beginning of middle school I read “Carrie” and “Joyland” that made me interested in his work.

As his fans know not all of the books he wrote are successful although “Cujo” is one of those we end up loving deeply. Personally I was delighted with this novel.

I chose to read “Cujo” only because it was small in size and volume. At the time I was looking for something good and quick to read. I could not stop myself from choosing one of Stephen King’s books so ended up having “Cujo” in my hands.

King’s style and language is no strange to me. I do not remember if his previous books had a similar amount of vulgarity but in “Cujo” I was not surprised by this fact.
A few years ago I would have been disgusted with certain phrases, but nowadays in literature they don’t impress me - positive or negative if they are applied with appropriate subtlety I am fine with them.
In this book a similar language seems to me to be just ... appropriate. I am not an expert in King's art, "Cujo" is only his fourth book, which I have had a contact with, but I suppose that his way of writing is what makes him unique. Phrases he used in “Cujo” adds to its character.

The story itself is addictive from the very beginning. More interesting and delightful is that it talks about something that is so easily imaginable – outbreak of the dog with rabies that is deadly dangerous to anyone who is close to it.
Certainly most people know what rabies is and how it works, but Stephen King often informs the reader about its symptoms. It is sad when it comes to the idea that a vaccine is enough to prevent the tragedy that caused Cujo, and how irresponsible some animal owners are, failing to take care of their pet’s health.

If people asked me: "Did this book scare you?" the answer is – YES. It seems to me that Stephen King is not the author whose novels are meant to frighten the reader, but in my case it worked this way because I am the person who would probably be scared of my own shadow.

What I liked about this book is that is does not only present Cujo’s work but also the lives of ordinary people of Castle Rock. The novel has many heroes and I don’t know why I am very surprised but I quickly liked them all. One less, the other more however I memorised every character. The things some of them made were no less scary than what Cujo did. It made me think that people are closer to animals than they realise.

I strongly encourage you to read this book, not only for those interested in Stephen King's prose, but also for people who are eager to read something other than the genre they like the most.
I think that I made a sensational choice reaching for this novel because I spent with her unforgettable moments. "Cujo" is certainly not the end of my adventure with this author, after reading this novel I feel even more encouraged to get to know his other books.