• Life after Life book review I must admit I felt a little bit lost at the beginning of this novel. All of the situations that happened were confusing as the author isn't telling the story in chronological order. Although the book catched my interest very fast and I fell for Kate's magic.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird book review I was thinking for a long while if I should review this book as it brings up a very difficult subjects. As you are here, reading it I decided to do so and present this amazing book to you, the best I could. It's a novel written by Harper Lee, it has been...

3 Woman's books for cold winter evenings

2 woman's books for cold winter evenings.

Long, cold evenings, hot tea, warm blanket and few books that I find worth reading.  Doesn't it sound like a perfect plan? Of course it DOES! 
That is why I decided to present 2 books that are worth reaching for, whenever you'll need a break from everyday troubles.

Woman's books are obviously love books. They are great help in a moments in my life when I feel down, depressed or simply can't understand what is going on. It is not even to help me sort it out but to give my mind and heart a break. A break I believe we all need and should take whenever we feel like it. 

Are you working mum, tired of everyday responsibilities? Or maybe you are facing a harsh break up? Or simply you are having a hard time with whatever reason.. You all deserve a break. A quiet place where you can relax and enjoy a good book to help you drag your mind away from all of it you're dealing with at the moment. 

The books that I have chosen to help make your evenings a little bit better are full of love and desire. Wonderful story plots. Certain a good quick read :)

November 9 - Colleen Hoover

Fallon and Ben met on 9th of November. This date is very important for both of them from a different reasons.
They start to write their own story and decide to meet once a year on the same day... Imagine waiting the whole year just to meet your loved one for couple of hours? Seems sad... It kind of is but there is more to it :) all of the mystery you'll discover reading this novel! 

Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover

We have here a very typical characters. Tessa - a nice, quiet girl and Hardin - rude, handsome guy that is not looking for commitment.  Will such a mix not end with a catastrophe?  I couldn't stop reading this book. I was so thrilled. I was even cooking with it in my hand. I got dragged into characters'story, their fights and their desires. This was one of my favorite romances. Hope you will share their journey :) Enjoy. 

I hope that those books will warm your heart during this winter time. 
If you have a book that you would recommend to me, please comment below or on my facebook page! Thank you for reading. 

Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Life after Life book review

I must admit I felt a little bit lost at the beginning of this novel. All of the situations that happened were confusing as the author isn't telling the story in chronological order. Although the book catched my interest very fast and I fell for Kate's magic. 

We all wondered if we live once or several times. Some of us have a strong believe in reincarnation. Would we change anything that happened in our past life that may have an impact in our present one? 
Those are the questions mentioned in this book. The author shows different versions of main character's life from birth to death (several deaths to be exact).
The action is incredibly addictive maybe because readers need to solve the puzzle using clues that the author throws now and then. 

Any version of Ursula's life and death is very interesting as it has an impact on other characters depends of how she lives or vice versa. 

I loved the idea that a moment, a case, a simple coincidence often decides about a person's life. Some times it's enough to change someone's entire future.
The author shows all of this above in a very unique way that I personally loved.

What else did I liked about this book? 
Certainly a lot of references from English literature (Jane Austen, William Shakespeare) or biblical and philosophical contexts.

All of the above creates a great read regardless chaotic beginning. The ending is intrigue which I obviously won't reveal not to spoil it for any of you. 
All the questions asked by the readers remain unanswered which I like as it gave me a lot to think of after the book ends. 

I highly recommend this novel to all of you guys :) 

Thank you for reading my book review.

See Me - Nicholas Sparks

See Me - Nicholas Sparks book review

All I needed was a few pages of this book to feel Spark's magic again. The style I have discovered in his previous books ("The Choice", "Notebook", "The Last Song" and many more) his way of writing dialogues, creating beautiful story plot and I can't forget about unique characters that you cannot to dislike; all of the things above were there. Simply Nicholas Sparks once again proves he is the best in presenting love. "See Me" is an another masterpiece that I decided to present to you with hope you will all go on this adventure with me by reading this novel.

Maria and Colin - are two different people in terms of personality. Maria is young lawyer that has recently came back to her hometown and tries to settle down. Chased by her past she becomes again a victim of stalking. Then she meets Colin, who despise his own unlucky past turns out to be a great guardian. 

It is another wonderful love story with a little bit of crime thread (which is a define plus in my opinion). The novel disproves the stereotypes of human immutability. Shows us how important the support is in each person's life and of course the dedication in the name of love. (how could I miss it?) 
The characters face the demons of their past which appear through a specific model of stalking behaviour. Reading the book we get to become familiar with paranoid terminology (for those interested in a subject) :)

I believe the book is perfect for lazy winter afternoons for distressing and detachment from reality. It's interesting and quick to read :) 
I highly recommend! 

Thanks for reading! 

Promise Me - Richard Paul Evans

Promise Me book review!

One word to describe this book? It's not enough...This time I need to use a lot of adjectives such as: AMAZING, SURPRISING, UNIQUE! 
Let's say I can only use one word then it would be: MIND BLOWING as the best word to express my opinion about this book.

Beth is an ordinary, married woman, raising 6 year old daughter. She works at the launderette where all the employees call themselves slaves. 
One day, like a bullet a news falls on her that her husband has been cheating on her. The plot is very similar to the one in many other books. At first I thought it is just another regular romance... but then Beth meets Matthew and everything changes. Will she ever be happy? This is something you need to discover all by yourself.

Richard Paul Evans is an american author known best by his novel "The Christmas Box" although he charmed me with his novel "A Perfect Day". He is well known for playing on readers emotions as this is the best way to catch our sensitive hearts :)

"Promise Me" has met all of my expectations and I am glad to be able to present it to you guys and I hope you will all enjoy his books not only by reading this novel but also by going through all of his work. 

Thank you for reading my review! 

"As you read my story, there is something I want you to understand. That in spite of all the pain—past, present and that still to come—I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Nor would I trade the time I had with him for anything—except for what, in the end, I traded it for." 

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Harper Lee- To kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird book review

I was thinking for a long while if I should review this book as it brings up a very difficult subjects. As you are here, reading it I decided to do so and present this amazing book to you, the best I could. 
It's a novel written by Harper Lee, it has been very popular and reviewed by many people before. It's definitely a "must read".

American small town community seen with the eyes of innocent child who is not afraid to speak the truth and ask uncomfortable questions. She will present you Maycomb in an uncompromising manner with all its advantages and dark sides.

There are several different threads in the book. The racist problem raised by the author was now and then a serious problem. 
Atticius defense of Tom Robinson, an African American man accused of raping a white girl Mayelli, was undoubtedly the most important thread in this book. 
It was very difficult to pass over the results of the trial conducted in the novel. Especially knowing the testimony of two parties involved. As for a reader it was initially hard to understand the Atticius's victory.. 

We are still powerless against injustice and intolerance. And racial prejudice? We are still seeing them around. Then the question is; What has changed? 

In my opinion the book has many advantages but it is not devoid of defects. The schematic presentation of the problem disturbed me a little. Still "How to Kill a Mockingbird" is obviously worth paying attention to. 

“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” 
 ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

The Choice - by Nicholas Sparks, book review

Nicholas Sparks "The Choice"

Travis and Gabby are neighbours in a small town. Thanks to the misunderstanding they get to know each other more. And in a series of further crazy adventures they get to fall in love. Although Gabby had plans to avoid Travis for the next 50 years, it did not work out the way she wanted... We need to remember that she had a boyfriend whom she planned to get married to. 
And here we stand in front of the first choice, however the next choice would be a matter of life and death... If only one could break a promise? 

We all know well Nicholas Sparks from his famous books or their screen adaptations ("Notebook", "A Walk to Remember", "Dear John", "The Last Song" and many more) 

"The Choice" is one of the most beautiful love stories I have read recently (there is no doubts Sparks is a master in his work). Love showed in this book is mature, filled with pain, fear, uncertainty and most importantly: hope. 

Personally I liked the book for its style and sense of humour. Apparently  trivial situations became very funny by the act or word. Despite simplicity the characters were very interesting and real to the readers. 

If there is anyone that thinks that there is no point reaching for this novel - is wrong. The book is not like all the other simple love stories for one quick read. 
It's about a fate and above all about important choices that we all have to make throughout our life. 

Perhaps my opinion is very superficial. I don't know. I decided not to go into details so The Choice is yours :)

Thank you for reading my reviews!! 

Sharp Objects - by Gillian Flynn, book review

"Sharp Objects" is Gillian Flynn's debut novel (author of "Gone Girl" and "Dark Places"). This book is an outstanding crime, frightening family saga. It takes its readers up to their limits of endurance. I haven't met such an unequal story plot, real roller coaster.

Everything starts with the standards: we have a mysterious murders in a small town. Typical story with a perfect receipt for a crime, you must think... However the main crime plot goes down a bit over time and we get to read more about main character's family problems. It isn't a bad idea although I was more curious about solving the mystery :) 

The puzzle is not too complicated but I must admit that before the very end, Gillian neatly throws logs under our feet to confuse the clue. As I mentioned above the author tried to attract us to the main character who has more problems than she needs, she is an alcoholic with lots of unresolved childhood issues. Camille's fight with herself was pushed to the fore. 

What I liked the most was the ending. It's surprising, fits well in the whole story, explains everything and most importantly creates the bond between the reader and main character.

Despite the horror, dark atmosphere and careful psychological portraits - I did not feet too frightened. Maybe because I am used to Stephen King's horrors that are in deed scary. 

So have "Sharp Objects" met my expectations? The answer is; yes but without "wow" effect. 
I do recommend this book. It is really a great debut. It's perfect for people that like crime-psychological thrillers that focus on complex family relationships. 

Hope you'll enjoy it! 

"Ah, well, being conflicted means you can live a shallow life without copping to be a shallow person." - Gillian Flynn